Blast Furnace Operation Support

Blast Furnace

  • Assistance in implementing operational practices for the hearth, stoves and trough systems.
  • Advisory for blast furnaces blow down and blow-in activities.

Hot Blast Stoves

  • Stove inspections using video cameras to detect problems inside the vessel.
  • Perform calculations to establish current efficiency of a stove.
  • Identify and implement solutions to bring stoves to better performance.

Blast Furnace Casthouse

  • Perform inspections of trough systems to identify premature wear.
  • Recommend changes in installed materials to improve time between repairs.
  • Supervise and perform repairs to areas with wear.

Emergency Services

  • AMTS can provide emergency support for stove failures, premature wear of the hearth or unexpected break outs.
  • Provide detailed analysis of failure and quick implantation of remedial actions until a planned repair can take place.

Blast Furnace Campaign Extension Management

  • Perform core drilling of the blast furnace hearth to determine integrity of remaining refractory.
  • Design and install additional cooling such as cigar coolers.
  • Develop monitoring strategies.

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