Hot Blast Stove

  • Repair of stove using innovative monolithic refractory designs.
  • Installation of large panels in the combustion chamber, checker chambers, dome and hot blast outlets.
  • AMTS have a patented dome design that alleviates stress build-up in the combustion and checker chamber.

Blast Furnace Hearth and Taphole System Design

  • Extensive experience in hearth design including bottom, sidewalls and tapholes.
  • Integrated solutions will provide safe operation to meet business targets.
  • AMTS provides modelling, design options and material specifications.


  • AMTS has unique trough system designs.
  • Modelling is done using variety of materials and different design layouts to provides long campaigns and optimum hot metal and slag separation.
  • Cost reduction based on safe operation, higher yields is always the objective.

Salamander Tap

  • Prepare engineering drawings and calculations for executing a successful salamander tap, including position and estimated tapping tonnage.
  • Provide support during the execution of the salamander tapping activities.

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