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Allied Mineral Technical Services (AMTS) offers value added technical assistance in the critical areas of the Blast Furnace, Hot Blast Stove, and Cupola. The AMTS team has decades of experience in the industry and the support of Allied Mineral Products, a worldwide leader in refractory technology and production.

AMTS provides specialized consulting services to the steel and foundry industries.  This includes evaluation of existing systems (inspections and failure analysis), comprehensive engineering capability to design new systems, assistance in blast furnace emergency repairs, and providing support to improvements for existing facilities.

Our team manage projects that provide solutions to blast furnaces and its auxiliary equipment’s as well as cupolas. Various disciplines are involved in each project including engineering, planning, procurement, field supervision, and subcontracting.

Understanding the basic principles of blast furnace refractory requirements can be achieved through training.  AMTS has developed training programs for both Blast Furnace hearths and stoves that can be beneficial for any company looking to increase the knowledge of their team. Training is provided by a team of experts in the industry.

AMTS performs diagnostic of blast furnace hearth and stoves to determine activities and actions to improve furnace safe operation and prolong its service life. Diagnostics evaluate the current state of the hearth or stove, identify areas of concern, and provide recommendations to protect the internal refractories and prolong the campaign.

AMTS can provide technical solutions to meet customer requirements to ensure the safe operation of their facility.

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